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Marvellously talented, these three young ladies dazzle the repertoire. Not to be missed !


The young Trio Sōra contributed to the triumph of the spirit of chamber music [..]. Their interpretation of Mendelssohn Trio n.2 op.66, with its fabulous intensity, impulse and fullness, won the audience’s applause. Finally, within Trio Sōra, one will particularly emphasize Pauline Chenais’ qualities, which she only used to serve the interest of the music and of the dialogue with her partners.
In Kagel Trio m.2 the Trio Sōra carries the music with an extraordinary charisma. Everything that could have been arbitrary or anecdotal sounds completely evident and full of conviction so that this rare and playful piece seems as familiar as repertoire piece. Furthermore – very beautiful timbres. Easier pieces must be sparkling ! 


Chausson trio (or at least the first movement) played by Trio Sōra with an exceptional intensity that would never release… I am not an advocate of the piece ( beautiful but repetitive and with non-luminous lyricism), however there, I believe I saw the best recordings again, no, it was what we will now call Sōra effect.
Trio Sōra grabs all the first prizes of the Music Festival Open 2016 edition.

Journal Sud-Ouest

The magic slides between the strings of Trio Sōra: the piano of Pauline Chenais, the violin of Magdalena Geka and the cello of Angèle Legasa. Between contained violence and interiority they fix the rhythmical tango melodies in the steps of a dancing pair. We travel to Buenos Aires, kidnapped by the Four Seasons of Astor Piazzolla and then by the superb Mauricio Kagel’s Second Trio. The dance of Justine Wisznia and Benoit Robisson, a prelude to the Milonga, brings after the concert all the dancers in the public supervised by Geneviève Sorin. Trio Sōra and Arod Quartet – four boys in the wind breaking the silence of the yard with Mendelssohn’s swinging musical melodies – showed with their enthusiasm, their energy, their excellent technical level that there is a radiant musical future coming.